About us:


Glorydays, founded in 2018, has a mission to make curated vintage and unique looks affordable.

Connecting with nostalgia, Glorydays offers one of a kind garments.


How do we do this?

We’re constantly buying, trading, and selling … always on the hunt for gems worldwide: from Dad’s attic to the Rose Bowl, we recycle and salvage textiles to make them on-trend.

We have fresh, hand-selected vintage stock arriving daily!


Where are we located?

245 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC.  

Conveniently located at Main & Broadway!


Why we do this / The solution:


The fast fashion clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, second only to oil. Every year 30 million tons of clothes (mass produced goods) and textiles are discarded into our landfills. Mass production also kills individuality because thousands of people end up owning the exact same items.

While cotton (especially organic cotton) might seem like a smart choice, it can still take more than 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture just a single T-shirt and pair of jeans. Synthetic, man-made fibers, while not as water-intensive, often have issues with manufacturing, pollution, and sustainability. Amongst all textiles, the constructing and dyeing of fabrics is chemically intensive.

We are taking responsibility for the environmental crisis by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

We lessen the demand for harmful, mass produced new goods, in turn cutting down on consumption.

Nobody else will own your same GLORYDAYS treasure.

Look fresh, feel good, save the planet.